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Botanical Perfume for Manifestation Digital Workbook

Botanical Perfume for Manifestation Digital Workbook

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Get ready to indulge your senses and begin your olfactory journey in Botanical Perfume.This workbook is perfect for anyone who loves natural scents and wants to learn the art of perfume making through the lens of intention, introspection, self-expression and well-being. This digital workbook will give insight to the world of botanical perfumery and aid you in the discovery the art of blending essential oils. Dive into the world of botanical scent as you experiment with different notes and create a unique scent that captures your personal essence. 

Whether you're a perfume enthusiast or simply looking for a beautiful way to create ritual, this digital workbook will be a powerful tool in your arsenal for you to refer to in your creations. 

Workbook Outline - what’s included

  • A How-to of how to create a 10ml perfume in oil
  • Botanical Perfume Workbook includes class ingredient list, taught in in-person workshops
  • Features 20 selected perfumery notes and plant-based carrier oils 
  • Includes resources, suggested readings, journaling pages to inspire continued self-practice
  • Stunning botanical illustrations by artist Traci Page Morris 


Students in this class and or referencing this document will be working with pure essential oils and other natural perfume materials. If you have allergies or any kind of sensitivity to materials or ingredients of this type, students are strongly encouraged to consult their physicians before enrolling. Immune compromised, pregnant and nursing people should also take relevant precautions, for some essential oils/botanicals may be contraindicated. Neither the instructor of the class nor the facilitator, publisher of this workbook is responsible for any allergic or otherwise adverse reactions to the materials stated in this document. By taking this workshop and or referencing this document, students necessarily hold Aba Love LLC DBA Aba Love Apothecary and class facilitator or publisher harmless as to liability for any such harm or injury. Additionally, all material provided on this class and related documents are provided for informational purposes only. Said information is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

This content may not be copied, distributed or shared with out express permission of ABA LOVE LLC DBA Aba Love Apothecary.

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