Pink geranium flower surrounded by a green field.

The Therapeutic Power of Geranium Rose


There’s something about Geranium rose ( pelargonium graveolens) that puts an easy smile on the face. Its herbaceous rose-like scent is penetrating and softens the emotions with its richness and soothes the prickles of irritability. We consider this a “heart-opening'“ essential oil, meaning it’s effects on the emotions are known to be calming and mood balancing - making it a top choice in managing anxiety and depression. The multitude of benefits for wellbeing have been duly noted.

What it does for the skin is nothing short of magic – its tendency to reduce the occurrence of acne and promote blood flow gives the skin a subtle glow that says, “I’ve been winning my self-care game”. Which is why we chose the star ingredient in our formula for Flower Crown Facial Serum – it’s brightening, hydrating and naturally astringent effects on the skin are like natures filter.

The effect it has in body care products is also something to be benefited from. After all, our bodies deserve the same attention we give to our face. Geranium’s toning and circulation-boosting effects over time will give the skin a smoothed, firmer texture. Again, making it a prized staple in our formulations in The Body Tonic body oil.

Below, is me in Egypt as happy as can be in a field of Geranium!

AbaLove Egypt Geranium
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