Image of an enlarged dried pink rose flower

Rose Damascena: The Cure for Lovelorn Skin

I have always been enamored with the Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) flower. This specific flower seems to coax open the skin's ability to heal where other options may have fallen short. It has been prized for its use in high-end skincare and you guessed it… aromatherapy! Here I breakdown the power of the mighty rose for healing the skin and uplifting the spirit.

SKIN the essence of Rose Otto softens the fussiest of skin. The ability of this loving flower assists in breaking up stagnation in our circulatory systems, encouraging blood to flow in rhythm and our largest organ (the skin) to regenerate healthily. These are the very reasons Rosa damascena was chosen for formulation in The Flower Crown Brightening Facial Serum in tandem with other skin healing essences.

Organic Rose hydrosol is another indulgent way to experience it’s soothing abilities on the skin in addition to receiving subtle aromatherapy when a delicate touch is required (i.e. babies and post surgery care).  When I created The Petal Mist, incorporating organic hydro-distilled rose damascena water felt right for those also managing sensitive skin.

IN SPIRIT to followers of plant mysticism, Rose is said to be the highest vibrational flower. Inhaling the scent of the rose is said to heal hearts, soothe sorrows and cloak the spirit in divine love. She is the queen healer and reassuring to all worrisome souls. She gives the aura an energetic lift and is purifying to the spirit with sparkling subtlety. 

Consider this your invitation to accept the loving way of The Rose and all she has to offer, beauty from the inside out.

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