Bottle of Petal Mist surrounded by various dried flowers

PETAL MIST The Multitasking Hydrosol Mist

But first - let's talk about what a hydrosol actually is and the benefits of using one vs the faux “floral waters” that are out there.

Main thing to know - it's not water with essential oils. Nor is it water with floral fragrance, but a separate “water like” solution that is produced naturally in the distillation process of distilling essential oils. The molecules within a hydrosol are unique. Meaning, they contain distinctive therapeutic properties that are not present in essential oils. In fact, these molecules are extremely gently on the skin compared to it's concentrated oils counterpart. 

What does this all mean? It means hydrosols are the real thing with plenty of botanical benefits, making Petal Mist gentle enough for even the most delicate skin types. Now, on to the tips!

1. Skin Prep - For your “No Makeup, Makeup” look. Mist on the face before applying Flower Crown Facial Serum for immediate absorption. Follow up with your favorite sunscreen, foundation - or both!

2. Post Wax Skin Soother -  Skin tends to get a bit swollen after hair removal. Mist on skin to reduce visible redness and irritation. No telltale signs that you just got your upper lip waxed. Easy.

3. Post Sun Hair Refresh - Tresses looking a bit parched after a day in the sun? Mist hair liberally, give it a scrunch and a flip for a quick hair revival.

4. Itchy Eye (or Nose) Relief - For the allergy sufferers. Feeling a bit too raw  from rubbing your eyelids and blowing your nose a thousand times? Mist onto (closed) eyelids and around inflamed nostrils. Or soak a cotton round with Petal Mist (chilled) and gently press on the affected areas.
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