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What is Dry Brushing, anyway?

The Benefits of Dry Brushing with The Body Tonic
It's the height of summer and the perfect time to give your body extra support with the ancients old ayurvedic practice. Not only can dry brushing improve the look and texture of skin, but it stimulates oil and sweat glands, promotes the drainage of lymphatic fluid and invigorates the circulatory system.
If you've ever felt sluggish in the morning from late night work or play, a thorough brush-up can give you a surprisingly gentle boost.
The Technique
 First, get hydrated as your body will be flushing out lymph fluid from the dry brushing actions. Using a brushing tool of your choice begin at the feet making quick upward strokes working your way up the legs, torso, back and arms motioning towards the heart. Take care to avoid areas with broken skin.
When done before a bath or shower this primes the skin to receive moisture. In addition, the quick light brush strokes across the body provides a simultaneously calming yet invigorating effect. 
The Next Steps
Following up with a nourishing body oil like the Body Tonic Botanical Body Oil provides further skin smoothing and circulatory support with gentle massage by helping muscles release tension. And with the fragrant slip of Frankincense, Geranium and Copaiaba Balsam you'll be elevated you to a tender place of connectedness to mind, body and spirit.
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